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37 Amazing Gifts for celebrity Wars Fans



All hot(h) deals you should know about.

With Disney’s reinvigoration associated with celebrity Wars franchise, it’s virtually certain there’s a unique celebrity Wars fan on the grocery list this year—or a mature person who took some some slack.

Couple of properties have the sheer breadth of product that celebrity Wars has, therefore from action numbers to TV shows to comics, we are right here to demonstrate you what’s worth your Republic credits this festive season.

Celebrity Wars The Black Series Rogue One K-2SO

Wen’t had an opportunity to adore K-2SO yet, but with this Black Series Rogue One figure, you can get a head start on everybody else. When an Imperial protection droid, K-2SO is reprogrammed to serve the Alliance in their secret Rebel base. He’d merge completely at Imperial outposts… if only he weren’t six-inches tall.


Celebrity Wars The Black Series Rogue One Sergeant Jyn Erso

The heroine of Rogue One, Sergeant Jyn Erso comes equipped with two blasters. With this figure, it is possible to steal imaginary Death celebrity programs from more secure locations… like the sock cabinet.


Celebrity Wars The Black Series Rogue One Captain Cassian Andor

Captain Cassian Andor are probably one of the most respected officers inside Alliance Intelligence, but his real power is within leading various other troops. Pick him up as well as some troops to lead.


Celebrity Wars Rogue One Imperial Stormtrooper Figure

Though everyone like the heroes better, you will need fodder and. Don’t forget to seize some Rogue One Imperial Stormtroopers to mow straight down.



Celebrity Wars Rogue One Imperial Ground Crew Figure

Desire to imagine is an air traffic controller but with an Imperial slant? Grab the Rogue One Imperial Ground Crew figure.



Celebrity Wars Rogue One Scarif Stormtrooper & Moroff Deluxe Pack

Behold, a unique variety of trooper. Known as “Shoretroopers,” these devices patrol the beaches and bunkers associated with earth Scarif. Additionally, we’re not sure if this is canon, but the various other troopers probably hate this option. Especially the Snowtroopers. The wampa-looking man is Moroff, a mercenary for hire with a teeny, tiny dual-projectile launcher pack! Don’t make him mad though.


Celebrity Wars Rogue One Imperial Death Trooper & Rebel Commando Pao Deluxe

One Rebel Commander, one Imperial Death Trooper. The most wonderful option to round from numbers both for of one’s forces.


Celebrity Wars Death Trooper

Awesome name? Examine. Super fashionable all black combat gear? Examine. Yeah, Death Troopers look rad, and we also can’t wait to see all of them for action. Unlike the previous Rogue One numbers about this list, the Death Trooper appears an extraordinary 20” tall, permitting the detail of their armor steal the spotlight. Get hold of this elite soldier of Imperial intelligence early.


Celebrity Wars The Black Series 6-Inch Kylo Ren Unmasked

Keep in mind whenever some individuals thought Luke might Kylo Ren? Really, spoilers, he’s perhaps not, and this figure proves it. The Black Series 6-inch Kylo Ren additionally includes triggered and deactivated versions of his iconic sabre, when you have a Han Solo figure lying around you can replicate this 1 heartwarming scene…



Celebrity Wars The Black Series 6-Inch Rey (Jakku) and BB-8

The newest classic pairing, following in Luke and R2-D2’s footsteps. A lot even more is within shop of these two, in accordance with all of them, you may make some adventures of your very own.



POP Celebrity Wars: Rogue One – Darth Vader

How do you make a Dark Lord associated with Sith less menacing? Effortless. Shrink him right down to under 4” tall while making his head bigger. This POP celebrity Wars: Rogue One figure will appear right home close to your various other POP numbers, particularly if you are gathering your whole Rogue One lineup.



POP! Celebrity Wars: Rogue One Scarif Sandtrooper

Clearly the Stormtrooper because of the most useful task, this “Shoretrooper” patrols the beaches and bunkers associated with earth Scarif. Appears like a good gig as long as no one, including, attempts to steal your Death celebrity programs.



POP! Celebrity Wars: Rogue One Director Orson Krennic

Everybody else likes a bad man with design. With an awesome white cape, the POP Rogue One figure of Director Orson Krennic certainly suits that bill.

See POP! Celebrity Wars: Rogue One Director Orson Krennic on Amazon.


All POP! Rogue One Figures

Virtually your whole cast (that people understand of) is here. From apparent preferences like Darth Vader and Jyn Erso, to K-2SO and Saw Gererra, read the POP Rogue One numbers and finish your collection.


Pop! Celebrity Wars: The Power Awakens C-3PO

Yes, here is the same C-3PO through the original movies. You most likely don’t recognize him due to the red supply.



All POP! Power Awakens Figures

Sure, the film came out about this past year, but that simply suggests you’re getting plenty. The POP energy Awakens, from Kylo Ren to Rey to Finn, have gotten quite low priced. Enjoy!


LEGO CELEBRITY WARS Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle

Kylo Ren had his command shuttle. Darth Vader had your own celebrity Destroyer. Criminals get all of the perks in celebrity Wars, and Krennic from Rogue a person is no different. His LEGO shuttle is huge, with massive folding wings. Discover our LEGO getaway present guide for more.



Chicken walkers don’t get as much love because their AT-AT counterparts. Assist bring stability into the energy by picking right on up the LEGO celebrity Wars AT-ST Walker. Discover our LEGO getaway present guide for more.


LEGO Celebrity Wars: The Power Awakens

One of the better adaptations we’ve seen in a while, LEGO celebrity Wars: The energy Awakens tells the story associated with movie in an imaginative, humorous means — yes, even much more serious views. Inside our analysis, we provided the overall game a 9.0 saying “the story is great, the levels are heavy with enjoyable puzzles, and unlocking the secrets is a great time.” Don’t miss out on this enjoyable present for celebrity Wars fans of all of the centuries. And it also’s available on last-gen systems.


Elstree 1976: Specialized Director’s Edition

For many of us born after celebrity Wars premiered in 1977, it’s nearly impossible to assume some sort of in which men and women don’t understand the energy or lightsabers. However, there clearly was an occasion whenever no one knew whether the movie would sink or swim. Elstree 1976 may be the story associated with actors in roles both big and small, and how their components in celebrity Wars would alter their everyday lives forever. It’s a must-see for hardcore celebrity Wars fans and movie buffs.



Celebrity Wars Trilogy Episodes IV-VI

The classics that started all of it. Knowledge all of them the hundredth time, or present all of them to a whole new celebrity Wars fan.



Celebrity Wars: The Power Awakens

In the event that you in some way haven’t seen The energy Awakens, and in case you in some way have averted the most important spoilers… Really, you must have held it’s place in a galaxy far, far-away. It’s a fantastic movie, reminiscent of what made the initial movie great.



Celebrity Wars Clone Wars – Period 1-5

If you are some of those fans just who expected more through the prequels, you need to see the Clone Wars animated program. Set between Episodes II and III, Clone Wars has fantastic animation, exemplary vocals acting, and storylines that rival ideal celebrity Wars is offering. Additionally, if you’re not really acquainted with Ahsoka Tano, you should use this to fix your blunder.



Celebrity Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions

The very first time ever before on Blu-ray, get a review of 13 lost Clone Wars symptoms, plus a behind-the-scenes documentary, giving you a peek into the times between Anakin’s trials as well as the rise of Darth Vader.



Celebrity Wars Rebels: Period 2

Between celebrity Wars Rebels and Rogue One, that screen period between Episode IV: A unique Hope is getting most love, and justification. The stories it allows are excellent, and celebrity Wars Rebels: Season 2 is no exclusion. As Ezra goes on his trip to be a Jedi, the staff associated with Ghost must serve the Rebel Alliance and give a wide berth to Darth Vader’s deadly Inquisitors. Be sure that you watch Season 1 first.



Celebrity Wars Rebels: Period 1

Rogue a person is not far off, however if you will need your fix for a pre-New Hope story, Rebels gets the great characters and stories you will need.



Celebrity Wars Trilogy Episodes I-III

Exactly how did Darth Vader come to be Darth Vader? Exactly how did Jar Jar Binks come to be a Representative inside Senate? Celebrity Wars Episodes I-III set up several of the most essential characters inside world.



Celebrity Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 1

Darth Vader is among the greatest antagonists of all time, so it’s great to possess even more canon material that does right by him. Darth Vader Vol. 1 includes problems 1-12 associated with comics, which are a necessity read for Vader fans.


Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 12.22.20 was

Celebrity Wars Vol. 1

Believe the very first time Luke satisfies Vader is within A unique Hope? Reconsider. In these canon comics, Luke comes in person because of the Dark Lord himself. For more, have a look at our getaway comics present guide.



Celebrity Wars Ahsoka

When you yourself haven’t seen The Clone Wars television show, let’s simply say that things end, really, unresolved for Anakin’s padawan Ahsoka. Have the scoop on Ahsoka with this exemplary story.



Celebrity Wars: 5-Minute Celebrity Wars Stories

This can be hands down probably the most adorable present from the list. 11 illustrated stories, each taking just 5 minutes to read through. It’s the most perfect option to assist place your little youngling to sleep.



Celebrity Wars: Full Areas

For diehard celebrity Wars fans who require every detail, pick-up the new full stores book. There are older, comparable publications to this, but the brand-new variation includes places from last year’s movie, The energy Awakens.



Celebrity Wars Character Encyclopedia, Updated and Expanded

There were a few celebrity Wars encyclopedias circulated over time, so it’s likely the hardcore celebrity Wars fan in your life already has one. However, just the Updated and Expanded celebrity Wars Character Encyclopedia includes characters from energy Awakens as well as the brand-new broadened world content. Pick this up the individual who must know precisely exactly how many centimeters tall Kylo Ren is.



Catalyst (Star Wars): A Rogue One Novel

Rogue a person is the prequel to celebrity Wars: A unique Hope, but for hardcore celebrity Wars fans, that’s insufficient. Grab Catalyst, the prequel to Rogue One, and ready your fan for the next movie.




Set before The energy Awakens, Bloodline is targeted on Princess Leia’s tries to reconstruct democracy after the autumn associated with Empire. Read our Celebrity Wars: Bloodline Evaluation.



Lords associated with Sith: Celebrity Wars

Wish to know what Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader are up to whenever they’re perhaps not switching Luke into the Dark Side? With this book, you will. Hint: not very great things. Read our celebrity Wars: Lords associated with Sith Evaluation.



Dark Disciple: Celebrity Wars

According to unproduced symptoms of celebrity Wars: The Clone Wars, Dark Disciple is targeted on Asajj Ventress, a Sith apprentice and another of the very interesting characters into the Clone Wars television show.




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