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Battlefield 1 trailer released, and the franchise goes back in time

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer DICE on Friday revealed the first trailer for Battlefield 1 the next game in the long-running Battlefield franchiseand it seems to take place during World War I.

The first World War featured air combat as a major component of antagonism for the first time in history, introduced submarine warfare and tanks, and took place on several continents, so theres certainly room for DICE to present a variety of theaters and scenarios for Battlefield fans while sticking with Battlefields combined-arms topic.

It was probably inevitable that one of the two military first-person shooter franchises would eventually have to go backward in time to find a new setting. Call of Duty and Battlefield collectively drained the World War II pool years ago and then moved into modern day-type scenarios.

The only choices were to repeat old territory, go forward in time, or go backward. Call of Duty went for drone armies, cyborgs, and now outer space . EA and DICE decided to juke Battlefield in the other direction.

The stage is now set for a very odd pair of releases in the next round of the fighting between Call of Duty and Battlefield for the hearts of military shooter fans.

Battlefield 1 will be released Oct. 21 on PC, PlayStation 4 , and Xbox One .



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