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Counter-Strike is still one of the shit FPS around.

One of the best and popular games of the 2000’s is the counter-strike. Almost every teenager as well as the kids can connect to this game and feel nostalgic of those days. The teenagers and the youngsters used to visit the cyber cafes or used to connect their laptops at one place, play either as a team or as rivals, depending upon their choice. The setup is being prepared and thereon the battle begins. Let’s check the details of the game in case by chance any of us don’t know about the game.
Basically it is a first person shooting game where in the players are either supposed to take the sides of the anti-terrorists or the terrorists or could be mere spectators as well and plays thereon. The game is being shot in many places of the world and that it is been into the gaming news for long. The players are simply supposed to protect themselves and their team from the opponents, achieve the goals of the maps and kill the members of the opponent’s team to get the victory. By the end of the game, every player earns points, the currency as well those currency points are used to buy the armors and the accessories of their choice binding under the points limit.
There are various objectives that either of the team has to fulfill and win the game. In case of the bomb defuse, the terrorists team are supposed to plant a bomb at a planned place and protect it from being defused by the anti-terrorists and let it be exploded before it explodes. On the other hand, the anti-terrorist teams must rescue the group of hostages who are under the terrorists to win the game before the time runs out.
Once the round ends, the surviving members can retain their armors and ammunitions for the next round and the dead players need to start over from the next round. And each team can have maximum of five members on both the sides and thereon fight.
Since its release in 1999, the game did wonders and that its updated versions were equally welcomed. The best part of the game is that the audience liked and played for the existence of the live chat, live recording and the live talk that the players can have among their teams. It becomes easier for them to coordinate and talk among the team members. They can know where the other player is and how will their next attack be and this is what attracts most of the players.
Teenagers rush to the cyber cafes as soon as they get free from their school and tuitions and the slots were packed at the stations as the game takes almost half an hour to one hour to finish up everything. And naturally, such a popular game would stay in the minds of the people for long and even thanks to the media that had lead the game to be in the news for long and that they inform about every detail of it.

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