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The Green Poison’s World

The world of gaming is ever changing with new aspects being added to it to give the gamer a better experience. With The Division video game the world is reborn and seen a new. It takes you on whirlwind ride across a new paranormal world in Manhattan, New York City. The Division is a third person shooter video/ computer game developed to give the gamer combat experience and exposure in an urban setting. It has structures that encourage role play, collaboration & player versus player.
In a world where everything has gone wayward after a smallpox pandemic nearly wiped out the city’s population. Soldier (gamer) must work alongside fellow combatants to secure The Division, a section of New York City, from all manner of enemies who are taking advantage of the lawlessness. He/she must be able to formulate a team, investigate the nature and extent of the outbreak and fight all dark elements taking advantage of the chaos.
The Ubisoft Massive game released on the 8thMarch 2016 has gotten an intense cult following, especially for action and in specific apocalyptic themed games. Its Ubisoft most successful release to date having garned positive reviews as more and more people engage and interact about the game and its specs.

The Division from both Ubisoft and RedStorm Entertainment is available on and as Xbox division 1, Microsoft Windows Division one, and PlayStation 4 as Division 1. In this dystopian world the player must quickly appreciate that he/she is the judge, lawyer and jury to the otherwise ruined world. That through banknotes called the ’Dollar flu’ and ‘Green poison’ a mastermind that the gamer must track down used to spread the smallpox. As you advance further into the game you earn experience point which can be redeemed for weapons, gear, talents and skills. Through an eight generation console, the handwork of the genius of Ubisoft game developers and the dedicated Tom Clancy the game has made fans all over the world experience and appreciate gaming on a whole new level.

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