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Weekly Roundup: It’s an Alien’s World, and We’re Just Living In It


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6 Game-Changing Mac Expansions and DLC

XCOM 2 Roundup

XCOM 2 Review Thread (Reddit)

XCOM 2 is now among us! Check out what the critics are saying before taking the fight to our new alien overlords. (Hint: It’s really good.)

Rookie’s Guide to XCOM 2 (XCOM.com)

Hello, Commander. As you know, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. That said, we’ve assembled a brief training program before battlefield deployment. Carefully consider these tips before engaging ADVENT forces for the first time.

XCOM 2’s Day One Mods Reviewed (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

To kick things off, Firaxis commissioned the clever folks who made the Long War mod for Enemy Unknown to produce three day-one mods for XCOM 2. They are neat additions but, more than that, they’re signposts toward an exciting future.

XCOM 2 Beginner’s Guide (GameSpot)

In XCOM 2, everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. … This survival guide doesn’t encompass everything you’ll need to know, but it should lay the foundation for a few successful missions before your first inevitable failure.

9 things you should know before starting XCOM 2 (PC Gamer)

For this guide, I’m assuming you have a basic familiarity with XCOM—knowing important basics such as ‘What is Overwatch?’ and ‘Are aliens good or bad?’ Read on for nine things you should know before kicking off your campaign.

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Rocket League not due on Mac, SteamOS & Linux for another 6 to 8 weeks (Gaming on Linux)

Well, I’m glad I didn’t buy it on a promise. Rocket League developers have confirmed it’s going to be another 6 to 8 weeks before the SteamOS & Linux version is ready.

Tips For Creating The Most Powerful Diablo III Characters (Kotaku)

The real endgame of Diablo III starts in Adventure Mode, when our character finally finds one or two powerful items, and begins its journey to collect all the pieces required to clear everything on the highest difficulty levels in no time. The road to get there is bumpy, but our small guide might help a bit.

Major Hearthstone changes incoming with introduction of standard and wild formats, more deck slots (Polygon)

As Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft approaches its two-year anniversary, Blizzard is preparing to implement the biggest changes the popular digital card game has seen thus far.

The Sims 4 celebrates the franchise’s 16th birthday with free anniversary content (Shack News)

The Sims 4 doesn’t appear to be short on premium content, so what is there for any of the game’s user base looking for something a little less premium and a little more free? EA and Maxis are answering that question by celebrating the franchise’s Sweet Sixteen.

15 Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2016 (IGN)

It’s a great time to be a fan of horror games. The genre has been consistently producing quality games that terrify us in all the right ways, and 2016 looks like its going to continue this trend.

Batman: Arkham Knight no longer coming to Mac and Linux (Steam Forums)

We are very sorry to confirm that Batman: Arkham Knight will no longer be coming to Mac and Linux.

Snowfall Forecast for February 18 in Cities: Skylines (Paradox Plaza)

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games for people who like to chill, today announced that the newest expansion to Cities: Skylines will be released on February 18th, 2016.

Layers of Fear PS4 Livestream (Replay) (GameSpot)

Check in with Mary Kish of GameSpot to get a frightening (and somewhat humorous–sorry, Mary!) look at the upcoming horror masterpiece Layers of Fear!

New Pillars of Eternity update for all (PC Gamer)

Mmm, the sweet taste of free. Pillars of Eternity is superb, but even after a bit of polish, some rough edges remain. Obsidian hopes to buff out the remaining blemishes with the arrival of The White March Part 2 on February 16—a free update for all players will accompany the launch.

Blizzard May Give Away All WoW Expansions With Warcraft Movie Tickets (GameSpot)

Blizzard Entertainment recently said that the release of the Warcraft movie may help improve World of Warcraft subscriber numbers, and now we’ve learned about one specific program that may help that happen.


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